Solar Blvd. – Small Solar Energy Business in Norco

solar-panel5-miniOf the many businesses that I like, I thought long and hard about which one I would review first. This was a difficult choice as there are many great businesses that I could write about first and many of them have great products, service and offerings.

I decided on Solar Blvd. first because I know Prashant, the owner of Solar Blvd., personally and he is a fantastic person and business owner and I have always had a fascination with the idea of Solar Power and Solar Powered machines from a practical (self sufficiency) standpoint. In addition to that Prashant Shewa has a fascinating story. An Indian Immigrant who grew up in Japan, he has travelled the Globe to provide some of the best deals to his customers. He has always struck me as an honest businessman with an exceptional head for business coupled with a creative intellect. An early pioneer in the emerging computer hardware market he very soon saw the rise of Solar Power as a viable industry amongst a niche market of Survivalists, RV Aficionados and Zombie Apocalypse “Preppers” (yes there is such a thing.)

Very soon I will be interviewing Prashant for this website. Please come back soon for a great interview with a fascinating individual. You can check out Prashant’s company Solar Blvd online. Check out the links below and if you like what you see you can look Solar Blvd up on Facebook and Twitter:


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 Just For Your Home – Wrath of the Shaolin Master Carpenter

solar-panel5-miniThink about the people in the world who are fantastically successful in any chosen endeavor. You know who I am talking about – the Kobe’s, the Lee’s, the Arnold’s the Jordan’s, etc. The one thing that these people have in common is the fact that they all started when they were very young and they kept with their passions. When they did keep with their passion’s, well you know the results. Now admittedly these were people who are sports stars, martial artists, bodybuilder’s, etc. So the average person, unless they start really young, and have a lot of luck, would never achieve the

type of success in a “star” career such as the ones listed above. Most people start their careers in the early 20’s or late teens when their formative years are far behind them.

Now imagine if you started training in your chosen career before you even reached puberty like pro athletes do. In someone who was in an everyday field such as: plumbing, auto mechanics, construction and all of the other careers that we take for granted. You would literally be able to do things just like a Jordan or a Lee but in your chosen everyday field – like welding for example. In other words someone who started young would be a “Kung Fu” master of their chosen field of study.

Meet Jesus F. Hernandez – Master Carpenter and Master Craftsman. Starting from age 6 in a poor village in Mexico, Jesus starting carving his own toys out of pieces of wood in the backyard! So here you have it folk’s the Kung Fu Master of Carpentry. Of course he does share the name of another famous master carpenter as well – so maybe that has something to do with it ;) – follow the links below to get in touch with Jesus – you will be glad you did.

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Rhino Records – Saving Your Artistic Soul one Record at a Time

Coming Soon ….solar-panel5-mini

www.rhinorecords.cc –

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